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Huangshan Vocational And Technical College, the only higher vocational college in Huangshan City,is a public college founded with the permission of Anhui provincial government and registration in the Ministry of Education in 19th, march, 2010.In April 2012, November 2013, and August 2016, Respectively Huangshan Health school, Huangshan Tea school, Huangshan Zhonghua vocational school merged wholly in succession into Huangshan Vocational And Technical College(HVTC). The HVTC covers an area of 691mu,of which 138,000 square meters is building area. The first-rate and fully-functional facilities comprise training center, teaching building,library, students apartments, restaurants etc. HVTC contains Department of Medicine(i.e. National Health College in preparation and construction), Department of Tourism, Department of Bioengineering, Department of Industry and Trade, the Center of Graphics, Texture and Information.There are 273 people on the strength at present, with 72 ones in logistics and administration,196 full time teachers(among which 2 professors, 74 associate professors, and 95 teachers with medium professional titles ).

The three-year high school students in full-time education, the five-year higher vocational students from middle school, and the three-year secondary students are enrolled in HVTC。 There are around 7,000 students at school in full-time education at present 。 There established 23 majors in HVTC,including Nursing Care, Midwifery, Medical Image-ology, Pharmacy, Tour Management,Tour Guiding, Hospitality Management, Catering Management,Sculpture Art and Craft,Computer Technology and Application,Electric Automation, Accounting, Financial Management, Tea Cultivation and Processing, Gardening, Gardening Engineering,Tea Ceremony and Marketing etc。 The undergraduate and college courses have been jointly sponsored with Anhui Medical University and Anhui Agricultural University。

The quantity and quality of the research projects continue to hit record highs. HVTC boasts 5 key Provincial Academic Projects of Humanities and Social Science, 3 key Provincial Projects of Natural Science, 2 Provincial Practice Bases of School-enterprise Cooperation,2 Provincial Experimental Units of Comprehensive Reforms, 4 Rrovincial Top-quality Courses, 11 Provincial Educational Research Projects, 6 Municipal Research Subjects of Innovation and Development, 2 Provincial Distinguished Teachers, 1 Provincial Teaching Team, 1 third prize of Provincial Teaching Achievement Award. In 2017, HVTC has been selected on the college-and-university list for Group Cultivation of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritors .This list was established and declared jointly by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China. There lists 78 colleges and universities including Tsinghua University and Peking University with only 2, HVTC and University of Science and Technology of China from Anhui Province.

HVTC has made marvelous achievements in both provincial and national vocational skill contests . Liu Shuyang,the student of Department of Bioengineering, won the first prize for gardening in the 44thWorld Skills Competition. Favorable cooperation have been built up between HVTC and the other friendly units such as Huangshan Municipal Tourism Committee, Huangshan Tour development Co.Ltd, Ancient Huizhou Cultural Tour Zone,Huangshan Runtu Flower and Gardening,Huangshan Changren Hospital etc. The practical co-operations have been widely and further launched in both educational and scientific research. The units listed above have all become the off-campus practice bases of HVTC.

网易彩票网HVTC will continuously shoulder the responsibilities to explore the proper roads to innovate and train the talents with highly vocational skills, keeping trying hard in innovating higher vocational education mechanism and building up contemporary vocational education system , enhancing the combination of education and industry,to boost up the vitality of vocational education and increase the ability to serve the society as well 。

HVTC always takes the principle that education should be geared to the needs of the society and the markets and that arduous efforts should be made to deepen the connotation construction and developvocational groups of modern service industry,with majors of Medical Care, Tourism , E-Commerce , Gardening at its core, and to forge vocational groups of intangible cultural heritages from local with distinguishing characteristics, including Huizhou style gardening,Huizhou style architecture, Huizhou sculpture, Huizhou cuisine, Huizhou opera, the school of Huizhou art , the school of Huizhou medicine, Huangshan Tea culture etc.

As the only higher vocational college in Huangshan city, HVTC exploits to the full the advantages of education,especially the advantages of cultivating advanced skilled talents, to guarantee the human resources for the local tourism and economy developments .

HVTC preserves to emphasize on training vocational skills,and stresses the employ-oriented cooperation between college and enterprise, and pays much attention to consolidation of practical operation skills to foster the students’ vocational qualities。 The modern experimental unit of apprentice mechanism has been carried out here in HVTC, the establishments of all courses and majors strive to meet the needs of the market and serve for the whole region’s social and economic developments 。

网易彩票网The whole faculty will remain true to our original aspiration and dare to blaze new trails, trying every effort to build a higher vocational college with the students’ satisfaction and their parents’ feeling at ease,and the approval of the society.

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